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Pressure Cooker Chicken Biryani, Spicy Chicken Biryani, Hot Chicken Biryani Recipe

Spicy Chicken Biryani

The only recipes loved by everyone is that chicken biryani. Chicken biryani is mostly liked by every one individual. This main recipe is welcomed by all India people. The main thing to keep in your mind is to boil the basmati rice to moderate condition and use spicy masala to give a nice flavour for your biryani


Basmati Rice / Jeeraga samba    2 cups

Onion   2 medium sized (thinly sliced)

Tomato   1 no. (chopped)

Green chili   3 or 4 (slit open)

Ginger Garlic Paste    1 tbsp

Mint leaves     1/4 cup (chopped)Coriander leaves/Cilantro    1/4 cup (chopped)

Fresh Yogurt/Curd     1/2 cup (diluted to 1 cup -use the same cup which u measure rice)

Turmeric Powder    a generous pinch

Chilli Powder      1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

To Marinate

Chicken    1 lb(cut into pieces)

Ginger Garlic Paste    1/4 tsp

Yogurt/Curd      1 tbsp

Chilli powder    1 tsp

Coriander powder    1 tsp

Garam Masala Powder   1/4 tsp

Salt    1/2 tsp

To Temper

Oil      3 tbsp

Clove    4 no.s

Cinnamon    2" stick

Bay leaf    1 small

Cardamom    3 no.s


  • Wash and Soak basmati rice for 10-20minutes. In 2 cups of basmati rice pour 4 cups water for soaking the basmati rice

  • First wash the chicken and drain the excess water and marinate with the spices which is mentioned in the marinate heading. In a Tava or Pressure cooker pour oil, after the oil heats put the long chopped onions untill it losses its color saute it for 1-2 minutes. Put some ginger garlic paste on the sauted onions and again saute it for one minute untill the rough smell goes off. Do all these process in simmer. Put the chicken inside the sauted onion and ginger garlic paste. Put all the masala as per the quantity which is mentioned at the below "To Marinate". Pour Yoghurt and cover it with lid for 6minutes    
  • Pour some sufficient quantity of water and put the soaked rice inside it and mix it well inside the masalas. Transfer it inside the pressure cooker and cook it for 1-2minutes
  • At this stage using a clean kitchen towel close the skillet and then close the cloth with lid and turn the heat to low and cook in DUM for 6-7 minutes.
  • That's it..Yummy & Aromatic Chicken Biryani ready. Serve hot with raita/curry/boiled eggs.That's it..Yummy & Aromatic Chicken Biryani ready. Serve hot with raita/curry/boiled eggs.


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